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Role: Producer

Project dates: June 2021 - February 2022

Performance dates: 23rd-26th February 2022

LAVENDER is a fast-paced play which soars through memories of a South West childhood. Characters Lucy and Nancy are down-to-earth, despicable, and completely familiar. This piece reimagines the protection of LGBTQ+ histories both personal and political.

A butch Marxist trainwreck who works in the cereal aisle. A Christian with an engagement ring and the voice of an angel. Devon. Surrounding them is fifteen years of history. The rubble of polyester thongs, dolls and skipping ropes. Future uncertain, Nancy and Lucy must face up to where it began: sharpening pencils and plucking the wings off flies, aged seven.

LAVENDER was born in the Exeter Fringe Festival 2021. Since, the collective have partnered with Exeter Phoenix and Theatre Royal Plymouth to develop the piece and project. As early-career artists and producers, we are sharing our story of growing up queer in a crisis-ridden world.

LAVENDER arrives in London to showcase the creative talent of the South West on a national scale. We want to start a dialogue about preserving your own queer history amid the trauma of the last decade. Join us for a story about finding your way back, through a politicised adolescence, to that beautiful, queer child.

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