Songs for scattered times

Artwork by Meg Shepherd

Songs For Scattered Times is an experimental musical theatre cabaret. Performing a setlist of musical numbers, a company of musical performers will respond to the climate and ecological crisis in Exeter. Book now.

Featuring local talent, this cabaret fuses the worlds of musical theatre and climate activism in Devon. It presents a forum for the creative community to explore the climate crisis. This approach is new, untested, and delightfully out-of-the-ordinary.

Taking place at The Mermaid drinks venue on Gandy Street, Songs For Scattered Times includes a cocktail bar open throughout the evening. This is a welcoming, inclusive and easy-to-reach event for all who enjoy live music and who want to see Exeter lead the way on climate action.

If you have specific access requirements, we are here to help where we can. Please drop an email to

This event is a collaboration between producer Finlay Carroll and musical director Tom Arnold. The project is supported by researchers Evelyn O’Malley and Adrian Curtin (University of Exeter).