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WRITING | Here we are day 4

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

You found us!



Sorry that we took the marquee down.

And ate the cake.

But the fairy lights are still up!

We’re so glad you made it.

Truth be told, after 17 years, we suspected you might’ve gotten lost.

We were going to send out a search party.

Let off a flare.

But we told ourselves: have faith.

We did almost cave.

Hence the cake.

It tasted nice though.

In these moments, we followed the mission.

We kept ourselves busy till you arrived.

We put up a marquee.

A year passed.

We took it down again.

Yet we waited.

And you’ve found us.

We’re together.

And that’s all that really matters.

You have made it to our little corner of the world.

In opening ourselves to you, we see you smile.


It’s time for the first of the parties we missed.

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