How to find your way

This is an instruction manual telling you how to find your way.

If you follow its steps then you will not be lost for long.

So read carefully.

Step 1: Look up

Step 2: See the stars

Step 3: Find North

Step 4: Find your way

You may be alone in the wilderness or nature, or alone in the wilderness of the people, but you will always be able to see the stars.

Look up, and you will see.

In finding North, you will be able to set a course to your home.

If you are home, you will have found your way. That is all.

If you remember this then you will find your way no matter how lost you feel.

No matter how long you may need to walk for, you will be home eventually.

If you forget your destination whilst walking but keep going then you may have discovered a new way.

Maybe even your way.