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CHECK IN | First term of DipCP draws to a close

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

"The useless tree - who "achieves" nothing but witness, shelter, and unlikely endurance" (Jenny Odell How To Do Nothing, 201)

I am somehow already halfway through my DipCP with the CGO Institute. Some thoughts on how it is going-

I am enjoying making new connections, building confidence to run bigger projects and take myself seriously as a theatre maker. I have an enhanced understanding of what is missing right now. Many current projects are experimental and long-term. I’d like to work on some conventional and time-limited projects.

I have begun mapping artists making work about the climate crisis, already having had several conversations with connections from Twitter. It has been great to hear about what is going on across the UK and share ideas.

In terms of challenges, I still feel inexperienced. Working on a VAULT run is a good start. I know there is all the time in the world, but I feel the need to show something in-person, whilst also keen to slow down. I am more able to approach experienced collaborators, but there’s still a way to go. My challenge is this self-imposed pressure. I can lean into this period as a time to play, learn, and take risks.

In terms of projects, the train is steaming out the station. we attended an Exeter Creative Connect event and met a number of artists helping to get the city to net zero carbon. I suggested a festival of creative climate interventions in Exeter and this was met with lots of enthusiasm. A climate working group for producers (perhaps esp in the SW) is on the horizon. For THERE’S NO TIME: THE WORLD IS DYING!, we are speaking to venues about our devising process and sharing performances more widely with local people. The piece which came out of our last R&D is ready to be developed more formally.

My learning might be summed up - I enjoy working independently to develop bold ideas. I like growing projects by making new connections. When I have an idea, I appreciate working with a similarly focused producing peer. Sharing responsibility for projects is important for me to do my best work!

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