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Pleasance Theatre

Pink Sky Theatre / Bloom Theatre

The debut show from Pink Sky, an emerging collective of LGBTQIA+ artists taking an interdisciplinary approach to making queer theatre, Rapture was originally written under the mentorship of Tabby Lamb.

Rosy, Tommy and Kit are clued-up, kinky and queer as f*ck - until safe spaces fracture and identities start to shift. As events in the present bring past traumas to the surface, the bonds within this chosen family must shudder and transform if they are to survive. A vibrant portrait of community, power and healing set in contemporary queer London in all its forms, Rapture pulls at the boundaries of mainstream queer theatre in its safe representation of kink and sensitive take on the role of chem sex in the queer community.

Rapture was initially a solo show created during the Queer Theatremakers Handbook course 2020. It had a scratch sharing in May 2021 at The Glory as part of club performance producer Xanthony’s Werk in Progress evenings, before evolving into its current three-character multi-disciplinary form during an R&D Residency at London Performance Studios.


With Sam Crerar, Bryan Moriarty, Izzy Neish

Producer Simon Fraser (Bloom Theatre)

Producer-Director-Writer Sophie Leydon (Pink Sky Theatre)

Engagement Producer Finlay Carroll

Sound Designer Ellie Isherwood

Designer Verity Johnson

Lighting Designer Ros Chase


"Rapture is a hilariously and painfully relatable play showcasing the highs, lows, and everything in between of the queer experience. The actors' emotions are infectious; when they hurt, you hurt, and when they are joyful, you're joyful."



"Eloquent and exciting dissection of the queer urban family experience."



"The conception of a brillaintly exciting theatre company, Rapture is a fresh and exhilarating play that colourfully encapsulates queer relationships in London. A detailed mosaic is pieced together with beautiful movement...a compelling narrative charges through the play."



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