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Theatre Royal Plymouth, Exeter Phoenix, Omnibus Theatre, Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

Lavender Collective

Devon. A dishevelled Christian and a chain-smoking Marxist. One epic battle to have the final word on a relationship that didn’t happen. Time is running out to put this complicated past away for good.

Before the wreckage of thongs, dolls, and skipping rope falls beneath a rising tide, Lucy and Nancy have a chance to face some hard truths and rediscover a once-simple intimacy. To return to the moulding arcades and the decimated railway track and determine where it all began. Or, rather, how it might all end.

Conceived by Torbay-based writer Holly Fitzpatrick, LAVENDER is a furiously funny, feminist play about fighting for authorship over a past shared with someone you don’t speak to anymore.


Writer-Director Holly Fitzpatrick

Creative Producer Susannah Bramwell

Associate Artist & Producer Finlay Carroll

Access Consultant Ruby Woods


"Reckless, beautiful, a wonderful perception of queer female relations"

(audience response)

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