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I am an early-career producer and theatre maker specialising in bold musical theatre or creative work with queer/ecological themes. I have links to London and the South West.


University of Exeter (2018 - 2021)

BA English & Drama (1st Class)

  • Studied a range of literary works and theoretical approaches, as well as theatre practice

  • Undertook student research fellow role with Exeter Decolonising Network

  • 8,000 word dissertation exploring queer ecological performance in Derek Jarman’s garden (80%)


Modules include: Theatre for a Changing Climate (73%); Queering British Film and Television (76%); Culture, Crisis and Ecology in a Postcolonial World (70%); Staging The Text (71%).

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School (2011 - 2018)

A Levels: English Literature [A*], Government & Politics [A], History [A], Extended Project [A*]

AS Level: Government & Politics [A*]

10 GCSEs: 8 A*s, 2 As, 1 B



National Youth Theatre (2015 - present)


Participated in an intensive intake course with director Hamish MacDougall in 2015. This:

  • Radically developed my ability to work within an ensemble

  • Introduced me to a myriad of different performance forms

  • Expanded my creative network to a national level


National Theatre Youth Programme (2016 - 2018)


I have participated in 3 Space To Create courses with the National Theatre. These courses have:

  • Broadened my awareness of the UK cultural landscape

  • Provided connections with professional artists and companies

  • Enabled me to perform to the public outside the National Theatre building or in the Dorfman

  • Allowed me space to refine my creative practice through collaborative play


Artists included: Matt Woodhead from LUNG Theatre, Kane Husbands from The Pappy Show, Eva Sampson and Teresa Burns from How It Ended, and Rachael Young and Malik Nashad Sharpe.



Press & Marketing Officer EXETER FRINGE FESTIVAL August 2021 onwards



Producer GROW YOUR OWN (R&D) Nov 2020 onwards


Maketank & Exeter Decolonising Network

  • Liaising with young artists across musical and theatrical disciplines

  • Writing and designing pitch document to send to venues

  • Communicating with external partners (EDN) and venues (Maketank)


Producer SHINE LIKE THE SUN Feb 2020

Exeter Phoenix, Spotlights Show Choir

  • Led company of over 50 young performers in production

  • Created and oversaw four-figure budget

  • Wrote two successful funding applications

  • Communicated with creative and production teams



Exeter Lemon Grove, Spotlights Show Choir

  • Supervised a comprehensive company rebrand

  • Managed significant audition process for choir and band members

  • Built schedule alongside creatives, and booked rehearsal space

  • Provided welfare support for company

Producer SPRING AWAKENING May 2019


Kay House, Shotgun Theatre    

Assistant producer BONNIE & CLYDE Jan 2019


Exeter Phoenix, Shotgun Theatre 



Student research fellow EXETER DECOLONISING NETWORK September 2020 onwards


This is a student-staff collective for writing, thinking and sharing matters related to decolonial and antiracist praxis within and beyond the university. My role has included:

  • Planning and running external speaker events, specifically about decolonising creativity

  • Assisting with the maintenance of social media accounts, as well as the creation of a website

  • Pursuing own projects aimed at decolonising student arts, such as Grow Your Own.


Facilitator OPENING UP EXETER May to August 2020


This movement aimed to protect a discussion space about social issues facing our student arts community. Myself and a group of facilitators organised online conversations, open to anyone, exploring topics such as diversity, wellbeing, and sustainability in our community. In my role, I:

  • Coordinated the scheduling and marketing of six online events

  • Facilitated my own discussion on confronting the climate crisis in student creative work

  • Followed up events with Sabbatical Officers, ultimately ensuring the provision of society diversity training by a qualified external company for the first time in the Guild’s history.


  • Fluent with all Microsoft Office and Google Suite software

  • Highly competent with Adobe Photoshop and Da Vinci Resolve

  • Experience using Qlab and EOS Family Suite



Felix Barrett Creating Ideas Workshop, Punchdrunk



Mogzi Bromley-Morgans Video Projection Workshop, NT


Rebecca Frecknall Directing Workshop, Almeida Theatre


Inua Ellams Writing Workshop, Almeida Theatre



Michael Bryher Theatre Producing Course, NT



Carolina Giammetta Acting For Screen Course, NYT 





Art department assistant at The Imaginarium Studios (2016)


Completed work experience within the art department for Breathe - directed by Andy Serkis. Assisting production designer James Merifield with his research into the film’s period, I also helped practically with the creation of props in Pinewood’s workshop. 

This gave me the chance to experience working practically in an arts-based profession, as well receiving an insight to the balance between practical and administrative work that a career in film gives you. It developed my organisational skills significantly, and threw me in the deep end of working life (they were 11 hour days!). Following this, I was offered paid work afterwards but was unable to make the dates which were suggested.

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